About Us

Wave Gate Media was created by Mike Arana in late 2017 on the back of a bar napkin. As he was in
search of a way to take all of his 20 years of vast experiences and roll them into one, successful and forward-thinking company that would make you laugh, learn, love, and lead a life the way it should be done. On YOUR terms. Through that and some help, additions and subtractions along the way, Wave Gate Media, Focus and Flow, and Love at First Disagreement were born.

Mike in reality has been working since he was six years old with his father. At the time, Mike’s dad was a
warehouse operations manager and most of Mike’s summers and weekends when he wasn’t in sports were spent “working” with Dad. In reality, how many six-year-olds could even function on a forklift, let alone almost drive one?

From warehouse to retail. From business owner to working in the family business. To teaching and coaching. Managing and Directing. Broadcasting and Producing. Selling and Marketing. Mike has spent his entire life in the role of serving, leading and helping others.

Wave Gate Media was his brainchild and a way that he could still help people on a larger scale but while
combining the things he loved, the mentors that shaped him and the things he was most passionate about all under one roof.

Mike has assembled a team of specialists to help all of our clients whether it’s mentorship, training, consulting, designing, producing, or podcasting to launch us forward into this new age of digital production in all aspects. With well-rounded experience, his full-time commitment and passion for this project will create an avenue for creators, small businesses and large organizations to take the leap forward to creating new experiences, company cultures and new avenues for everyone to be able to succeed.

A passion for change, a desire to not rest until it’s done along with his witty and quick creativity, add a dash of self-deprecation (he’s never afraid to make himself look foolish for the sake of picking someone’s day up), Mike is committed, connected and driven to make Wave Gate Media and its consumer “partners” the best they can possibly be for generations to come.

In his spare time, Mike is a HUGE “One Chicago” fan, loves a good crime drama, is a well below-average
golfer and a huge fan of his favorite teams (49ers, Giants, Warriors, Sharks and Florida Gators). Any chance he gets, he will travel and a Lake or Ocean (Tahoe or Coronado Beach are his current top 2) is always a safe bet when planning travel plans.

You can often catch Mike with his “far better half” (his words & probably hers too), Rebekah, their cat Jozy and Julius the pup, laughing his head off. And to be honest, you can watch a good part of the highlights at (Love At 1st Disagreement). Mike also dabbles in cooking and is a self proclaimed “Beer Snob” when traveling as he loves to support and drink local when out of town.

Originally from Northern California, Mike has resided in the Phoenix Metro Area for the past 22 years.